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We imagine our nation with a government that...

Protects your Constitutional Freedoms from anyone who seeks to take them away.

Values the tax dollars they are entrusted with by limiting their spending to reduce our national debt.

Respects the hardworking tax paying citizens by directing their spending into our communities, instead of sending it overseas or into the shadows of the bureaucracy.

Upholds the laws of our land, supports order over chaos, and works with We The People to create a future that is free from corruption.

Acts at all times in your best interest because they know there is a system of transparency and accountability for their spending and decision-making.

We imagine our nation

We imagine our nation…

When School Boards work with parents to review and analyze their efforts to deliver the highest quality education to our children and ensure there is no anti-Constitutional teachings in their curriculum.

When the county Board of Elections has an open-door policy with regard to all of its functions and processes, allowing regular audits to be conducted to prove they have nothing to hide from the community they serve.

With elected officials who show their value and integrity by improving the economy, reducing wasteful spending, and raising the quality of life for everyone in their district.

We The People

We The People can…

Build the necessary technology to protect our Republic with digital checks and balances.

Better understand who is working for our government and how well they are doing.

Work together to ensure solutions are continuously implemented in our community to overcome the problems that divide us and hold us back from a brighter future.

Restore integrity in our system so we can enjoy our lives and freedoms without concern or threat from the system we put in place to protect and serve us.

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Our Goal is $5,000,000

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Our Goal is 1,000,000


We are aligning the resources and efforts of individuals, organizations, companies, and the government who believe in and support our Constitutional Republic. We pledge to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, domestic and foreign. We will operate in a transparent manner and hold ourselves accountable to our members, the people of the United States, and those who gave their lives to protect our freedoms from all forms of tyranny.

Building Technology To Unite We The People

It is our goal to become the digital oversight and reporting mechanism of our Constitutional Republic, to ensure our government’s integrity to We The People remains intact. We will build our organization in the spirit of the founding fathers’ vision when they created a new form of government that serves and protects the people of our great nation. We support the people of our nation in their pursuit to successfully govern themselves, by reinforcing the system of checks and balances between the citizens and their government; and creating a transparent system of accountability.

We have no bias towards any political party. We seek the truth and to share it with the nation. Preserving our Republic and freedoms are the benchmarks of our efforts.

The test of whether our great Republic will continue is knocking on all our doors, and it is up to us to answer it.

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We are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit public charity using big data and technology to bring transparency and accountability to our government’s operations. It is our goal to remind citizens of the checks and balances that exist to protect our freedoms, and to create more informed citizens by providing a public data source that reports our government’s activities. We will present an objective analysis of the available data, make our database available to the public, and report the willingness in which our government officials share their information. Our motive is to return integrity to the people who work in our government, put an end to biased misinformation, and identify who or what is accountable for the current situation.

As you read this, your local, state, and federal government is run without a central dashboard or reporting mechanism to you. Yet it is We The People who created and pay for their jobs with our tax dollars. How do we know how well they are doing? We used to trust the media to report this for us, but now they are driven mostly by advertising revenues and shareholder returns. We used to hope and rely on our elected officials to represent our best interest, but since a lot of their time is spent fund raising, they may give preference to their largest donors, instead of their community. So how can We The People oversee the numerous layers of government within thousands of operations across the country?

The answer is big data analysis. We will help by analyzing our government, recording our findings, and reporting them to the public through one website, in terms that everyone can understand. We will advise you and your community how to participate to improve itself and the government that serves you.

Our Republic has given America the tools to become the greatest nation in the world. With an economy based upon a capitalist meritocracy, there are abundant opportunities for anyone willing to work for the success they seek. With a government free of tyranny and the people’s best interest in mind, America has stood as a beacon of hope and freedom for people around the world. Now, our freedoms are being challenged, our voices are being silenced, our system of checks and balances is being overstepped, and many of our elected officials are acting like royalty without limits on their power.

Let us not forget that this government and all of our elected officials are chosen by us. They are not kings, queens, or lords of our land, but mere servants to their people, and We Are The People. They have forgotten this and we have forgotten the power we hold to change our situation. It is time to put an end to their false claims and empty promises. There is a dire need to develop and implement technology on behalf of We The People who love our great nation, so we can stand together and protect what we have, before it is lost.

The Transparent Freedom Foundation strives to be the digital oversight and reporting mechanism of our Constitutional Republic, to ensure our government’s integrity to We The People remains intact. However, we cannot reach our goals without your support and involvement.


“A true patriot will defend his
   country from its government.”

                       - Thomas Jefferson

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