We are aligning the resources and efforts of individuals, organizations, companies, and the government who believe in and support our Constitutional Republic. We pledge to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, domestic and foreign. We will operate in a transparent manner and hold ourselves accountable to our members, the people of the United States, and those who gave their lives to protect our freedoms from all forms of tyranny.

Our First Initiatives


Improve The Nation’s Education

Protect our children from the influence of anti-Constitutional teachings and raise the standards of our nation’s education system.


Protect Our Elections

Develop a clear picture of our local election systems and how to protect their integrity for the next election.


Examine Our Elected Officials 

Communicate the responsibilities, actions, and top donors of every elected official. Create a quality control system that helps people learn more about their elected officials and future candidates.


Recordkeeping And Reporting

Create a dashboard showing the social and economic indicators in our local communities and provide a public accessible database.


  1. Protect our Constitutional rights, its supporters, and our Republic.
  2. Build a public big tech platform that provides oversight of our government’s operations, bringing transparency, accountability, and integrity to their actions. Without accountability there is no responsibility.
  3. Unite people who support our Constitutional Republic and engage them to improve our nation.
  4. Increase the productivity of our government in local economies.
  5. Show tax payers their return on investment from the government for paying city, state, and federal taxes.

Transparency. Accountability. Integrity.

Use transparency to restore accountability and integrity in our government and society.

The Plan

It is time to put an end to an unchecked reckless, careless, and criminal age of our untethered big government that has left us with over $30 trillion in debt, and rising. Our nation’s tax dollars and enormous budget should be spent wisely to protect its people, lands, allies, and stimulate economic growth throughout the country. We must analyze our government’s spending to make sure it has some tangible benefit for us, otherwise why would we continue to fund it? This is the spirit of a self-governing nation of educated free people in support of our Republic and the direction that we will tirelessly work towards.

With your donations and membership, we will build a technology driven platform that continuously examines our government, shows their track record and processes while engaging citizens to get involved. We will hire the most talented professionals and dedicated patriots to perform our research, analyze data, and build our digital platform, so we can create a website for you to better understand our government and how it serves you.

Success for our society and economy should not be a guessing game played by our elected officials. It should be a highly informed decision-making process based on knowing the circumstances of a situation and the outcome of past decisions in those situations. Through the use of critical thinking and big data analysis, we will observe and analyze our government’s actions and its results. Like a research report, we will present our findings and sources of information. The goal is to create more knowledgeable citizens with a better understanding of our system, so We The People know how to get the results we desire. In simpler terms, we are figuring out the recipe for our own success. 

The government should be working for the best interests of We The People, holding our interests first and foremost in their minds and decisions. With all the stresses we encounter in our life and work, the one thing that should support and protect us is our government, limited in its federal powers mandated by the constitution and balanced by the powers of the states. We seek to empower the states through more knowledgeable and engaged citizens. 

Our journey will focus on the initial initiatives, as we report our efforts and findings on these critical issues. Each product we develop will be scalable and deployed based on the donations we receive. To start, our technology will be based in a local county of our choice, before expanding it to work in other counties across the nation. We will develop a dashboard for every local economy and be able to compare local economies with each other. This will allow citizens to clearly see the issues they are facing, determine if the problems are being resolved, and observe how other communities were able to overcome or prevent the problems. Raising public awareness for each issue and observing the issues collectively will emphasize their importance and relevance to the big decisions facing our society.

We are seeking the support and involvement of the local government, while reporting their responses and actions. It is critical for everyone to get involved to make sure our government is working for us. If they are not working for us, then who are they working for?

With all of the resources that are available to our government, why has this not been done already? We should be working collectively to solve the problems of our nation, so we can advance our society and build a better future.

The steps below outline our path to a successful launch:

  1. Build Our Membership, Form Key Partnerships, and Start Our Research
  2. Unite and Organize Our Members, and Develop Technology
  3. Report Our Findings, Engage Members, and Deploy Our Technology

With your support and involvement, we will create the digital oversight and reporting mechanism of the Constitution to ensure the integrity of our great Republic remains intact.

Our Future is Bright.

Using peaceful problem solving throughout the nation.

Our Beliefs

We believe our nation was created as a Constitutional Republic to be a safe haven from all forms of tyranny and abundant with personal freedoms. The founding framers of our independence from tyranny created our government with the intent to allow free-people to rule themselves. The responsibility of safeguarding our Republic falls upon the shoulders of the people of our great nation who wish to see it continue, just as the first burden leading to its creation fell upon our nation’s ancestors.

The freedoms given to us by of our Constitution are meant for both our enjoyment and protection. They are dependent on each other. Giving up our freedoms will surely result in the loss of our way of life and our nation as we know it. We must stand together, peacefully united, focused on the tasks ahead to preserve our freedoms. 

We believe all races, religions, faiths, cultures, and people can and should peacefully live together. To condone hate against one person is to provoke it against all, and those who seek to incite violence or hate will most certainly lead us down the wrong path. We must seek to understand the problems our nation faces, and through critical thinking work together to solve our problems so we do not pass them on to the next generation.

We hope to put an end to the misuse of power and resources, and return balance and unity to our great Republic. By changing our methods for solving our problems, implementing technology for the greater good, and holding each other accountable for our actions, we will achieve the results our ancestors dreamt when they envisioned our Republic. Seeking information for mutual understanding, not for control of power and manipulation is the mission of self-governed free people.

Our Founder and Company History

Daniel Cooke graduated from Lehigh University with accounting and finance double majors. He spent two decades working and consulting with companies in numerous industries to improve and expand their operations. His management experience with a software development team came from one of the top software consulting companies in the world. While working in New York City’s Silicon Alley, he learned the best practices for software development and how to build a marketplace for the moving industry.

In May 2021, Daniel founded the Transparent Freedom Foundation with the intent of creating more government transparency, which he believes will lead to greater government accountability. After years of analyzing a long list of issues and causes of our nation’s hardship, he decided to create an organization to help bring about the type of change the public is seeking. Getting better information means We The People can make better decisions.

The charity’s mission is to UNITE the people of our great nation, ORGANIZE the facts and issues so we can stand together behind our shared beliefs, and ENGAGE a solution in every community. The goal is to empower citizens and our elected officials to make more informed decisions that benefit us, We The People, to achieve a stronger nation with smarter citizens and a better quality of life for everyone.

Now is the time to UNITE, ORGANIZE, and ENGAGE.

“A true patriot will defend his
country from its government.”

                       - Thomas Jefferson

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