What can we do to improve our children's education?

Align curriculums with the current job market!

A successful education system should empower young people to enter the labor force with real world skills.

This is what we believe will help America's future get back on track.

We are initiating a pilot study in the 3 largest counties in Florida, with the aim of aligning curriculums with the current job market. It is our hope to build awareness and support across the nation, to grow our effort into other states. 

What's needed?

A High School Skills Readiness Analysis

Comparing skillsets in the job market with high school curriculums
to determine if they prepare students to enter the national and local labor force.


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The first initiative is to strengthen our Education system by assisting communities to better understand the value of their high schools’ curriculums in comparison to the skills required in our workforce, and providing communities with more relevant programs.

Partnership in the Analysis. We will work with the global leader in labor analytics, Lightcast, to analyze the skills that are needed in the workforce and review our county's curriculums to identify the skills being taught.

Community Involvement. We are seeking partnerships with Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, the Florida Department of Education, County School Boards, High School administration and staff, community organizations, parents and residents to make sure everyone understands the value of the current curriculums based on the skills they teach our future leaders.

Our operation is primarily funded by donations. If you agree with our proposal, please make a donation, follow us on social media, and share our information with anyone who aligns with our mission.


  • Empower parents and communities to make more informed decisions regarding the curriculums that are used in their schools.
  • Redefine the value of an education in terms of skillsets that are needed in the job market and modern life.
  • Facilitate the exploration of career paths to help children learn about jobs and what skills are required to get hired.
  • Empower students to be more active in the decision making of their education as it relates to the jobs they want and where to find the skills they need.


  • Analyze the required skills in the current job market for entry level positions.
  • Analyze high school curriculums to assess the real-world skills that children are being taught.
  • Compare the skills being taught to the skills that are required in our workforce to understand the skill gap that exists between what’s taught and what’s needed.


  • Determine the top 10 technical skills and top 10 common skills needed in our economy, present them in the context of the top 10 occupation groups in the US and each Florida county.
  • Identify up to 25 occupations with detailed skills-based analysis as it relates to entry-level experience requirements.
  • Analyze an entire curriculum, which includes all the coursework for a student in their grade. 
  • Share the framework of skill-based curriculum analysis, so the anyone can analyze their county's curriculums.
  • Determine the skillsets that are being taught in curriculums.
  • Present the skillset gaps that exist between high school curriculums and entry level jobs; separated by jobs requiring a minimum of a high school diploma, associate’s degree, or bachelor’s degree.
  • Identify the opportunities for improvement in curriculums to better prepare young people to enter the workforce.
  • Provide an app on our website that shows career paths, the skills that are required for each job, and where to acquire those skills.


  • Publish our study on our website so each community and its school board can work together to improve curriculums to teach more relevant skills and increase the likelihood of success for their young people.
  • Work with the community, the school administration, and the DOE to find and propose alternative curriculums that teach skills that are missing from current curriculums.
  • Create awareness about our Skills Readiness Program to fundraise for more curriculum analysis across the country.


  • Our Pilot study will focus on Broward county before expanding to other counties. We aim to include public schools, charter schools, religious schools, and trade schools in our curriculum analysis.



  • Lightcast – The global leader in labor analytics.


  • Parents, residents, community organizations, and local businesses
  • Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis
  • Florida Department of Education
  • County School Boards and High Schools
  • Charities with shared interests


Lightcast Research $60,000
Curriculum Analysis $125,000

LEGAL $20,000